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Are you lacking the motivation to exercise, maybe you have no time? or you’re just bored with same old monotonous training regime?

Sometimes in life, we let ourselves go.

BUT.... Are you 'MADE of MORE' ??

Do you want to lose inches around your stomach, reduce your weight by a stone or so, or just get into a routine of training with the lads?

Let us tell you about A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL of our NEW programme we are launching.

MADE of MORE programme:
  • 6 weeks (10 men maximum), 2 days a week training, at our UHAF facility in Irvinestown with our expert coaches.
  • EVERY MONDAY & WEDNESDAY @ 7.30pm - STARTS 21st SEPT (Free trial starts 14th Sept). Click here to apply. Click here to apply.
What you will get:

A specific nutritional plan, A 24/7 online and mobile support tool and 2 ‘homework’ days (a mixture of home routines given specifically out to each man every week to ensure the body adapts and YOU get the best results possible).

Each 1 hour session with us is expertly designed to target 3 aspects…
  1. Mobilise your whole body
  2. Learn to lift correctly, improving functional movements and strengthening your whole body.
  3. Improve all aspects of your fitness.

This plan may not suit everyone but if you are willing to change your current lifestyle this is for you.

The investment for the 6 weeks is £110, you can sign up by clicking here.

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Ultimate Health & Fitness

Ultimate Health and Fitness is a new and completely innovative personal training and lifestyle centre located in Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh.

Proprietor Patrick Doherty opened the unique centre in November 2007 complete with confidential training studio and therapy room and with private changing and parking facilities also on site.

Working on a results based exercise model, the aim of the personal training is to provide each individual client with their own unique fitness and lifestyle approach in order to reach their desired goal. This is done through informative, simple and enjoyable support from highly qualified and experienced trainers.

The exercise studio combines top training techniques, full nutritional analysis and monitored home programmes, together with the hard work of the client to achieve ULTIMATE GOALS.

Exercise sessions are private, confidential and by appointment only. Options usually include blocks of 6 or 12 sessions.